We are ISOLANA,the hotel with good view of Mt.Fuji that is the symbol of Japan.

ISOLANA is small hotel located on the lakeside of Yamanakako JAPAN.
Please enjoy Mt.Fuji viewing, so beautiful. We welcome the world travelers.

Yamanakako map

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  wide area map

Final corner(Clockwise)

Final corner (run clockwise and turn left)

Final corner(Anti-clockwise)

Final corner (run anti-clockwise and turn right)


by Car (Rent-a-car)

About 10min.(4km) from Yamanakako-IC of Higashi-Fujigoko Turnpike. Run around the Lake clockwise, and turn the corner with No.32 signboard. Refer to the photos above.

[ by TOMEI Expressway ]

Get off at Gotemba-IC, and run by way of R.138 or the Higashi-Fujigoko Turnpike to Yamanakako-IC.

[by CHUO Expressway]

Move to Kawaguchiko-line by Otsuki-junction. It connects with Higashi-Fujigoko Turnpike, so run straight to Yamanakako-IC.

[ Rent-a-car offices ] are in Mishima, Gotemba, Kawaguchiko, and in each airport.

>>TOYOTA Rent-a-Car(ENG)

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by Train

[ by Mishima Sta. ]

SHINKANSEN(Super Express), with which Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Osaka are connected, stops at Mishima.

From the south gate bus terminal in Mishima, you can take a bus bound for Fuji Five Lakes directly(2hrs). Otherwise, move to Gotemba(1hr), by the train(Tokaido and Gotemba line).

[ by Gotemba Sta. ]

The JR-Gotemba line and Odakyu-Romancecar(limited express) stops at Gotemba. At Mt.Fuji-gate in Gotemba sta., you can take the bus bound for Fuji Five Lakes. In about 45 minutes, you arrive at the bus stop Hotel Mt.Fuji.

[ by Fujisan Sta. : called Fujiyoshida Sta. before. ]

Transfer to Fujikyuko line at Otsuki Station(JR Chuo line). And you will arrive at Fujisan. At the Station, you can take a tour bus(FUJIKKO-GO), or a regular bus(to Gotemba district).

The tour bus stops in KOHOKU bus stop near ISOLANA.

If you took regular bus, get off at the bus stop Hotel Mt.Fuji once, and transfer to taxi or tour bus(FUJIKKO-GO).

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Expressway Bus

by Expressway Bus

The Express buses can be simply accessed from Tokyo city and Yokohama to the Lake Yamanakako.

[ by CHUO exp.Bus ]

At Shinjyuku Sta. or Tokyo Sta., you can take the Exp.bus bound for Fuji Five Lakes directly.

[ by TOMEI exp.Bus ]

At Yokohama Sta. you can take the Exp.bus bound for Fuji Five Lakes directly.

Get off at the bus stop Hotel Mt.Fuji or Fujisan sta.. And take a taxi or the tour bus(FUJIKKO-GO). Hotel Mt.Fuji is 3.5km far from ISOLANA. The FUJIKKO-GO will stop at KOHOKU bus stop. it is about 100m near from ISOLANA.

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From Airport

From Airport

[ from HANEDA Tokyo Airport(HDN) ]

You can directly access Gotemba(station), by taking the bus bound for Hakone. And also, several bus bound for Fujisan-Sta. directly are operated.

[ from NARITA New Tokyo Airport(NRT) ]

The bus for Mt. Fuji station is most convenient. And, you can access Gotemba(on highway), by the bus bound to Numazu.

Otherwise, come to Tokyo or Yokohama once, and transfer to the expressway bus. It might be more convenient.

The small hotel ISOLANA in Yamanakako JAPAN will help the world traveler to enjoy Mt.Fuji. We wish your booking and visiting ISOLANA.