We are ISOLANA,the hotel with good view of Mt.Fuji that is the symbol of Japan.

ISOLANA is small hotel located on the lakeside of Yamanakako JAPAN.
Please enjoy Mt.Fuji viewing, so beautiful. We welcome the world travelers.

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Welcome to our website. We are ISOLANA, the "Pension"(small hotel or inn)with good view of Mt.Fuji, which is the symbol of JAPAN. ISOLANA is located on the north shore of Lake Yamanakako. Fuji and Yamanakako are listed as the UNESCO world heritage. And they are in the National Park of FUJI-HAKONE-IZU in JAPAN.

ISOLANA is a small hotel only in seven guest rooms. It has been managing by only two staffs (I and my wife). We will help your travel as much as possible, though we can speak English only a little. We will welcome the world travelers, and will hope you relax and enjoy by our hospitality. And please heal your mind with beautiful mountain(Mt.Fuji) and with nature of the lake(Yamanakako).

At first, see our website made by ourself to feel the charm of Mt.Fuji, Yamanakako, and ISOLANA. And next, we will be waiting your booking!

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open-air bath

Open-Air Bath

The boast of ISOLANA is an Open-Air Bath where Mt. Fuji can be viewed. If you get into the wide bathtub of Japanese style made with "Teppeiseki" stones, then you will feel very pleasant time.

Yes of course, it can be used free of charge. When you have arrived(check-in), you can reserve the time when you take the bath for exclusive use.

We surely think that you will be satisfied, when you see the view of Mt. Fuji from the Open-Air Bath("ROTEN-FURO").

Panorama of ISOLANA

Mediterranean style houses

In ISOLANA, the building of four houses has been built,here and there, in commodious site. Spanish style tiled roof, the wall finished up by trowel hand work, the windows of decorated by iron works, we designed ISOLANA ourself, with our imagination about rural small town on the shore of Mediterranean.

When you could like the building of unique atmosphere, we wish to express our appreciation.

Mt.Fji viewing

Mt.Fiji viewing

Mt. Fuji is a mysterious mountain where the expression is variously changed at time and the season. The north shore of the lake where ISOLANA is located is seen in the direction where the lake and Mt. Fuji are the same.

The surface of the water in the lake becomes a mirror, the shape of Mt. Fuji will be projected, and it becomes the Double Fuji(we call the phenomenon "SAKASA-FUJI").

"Diamond-Fuji" where the sun sets to the top of the mountain. "BENI-Fuji" where the ray of sun dyes the surface of a mountain to red at daybreak.

We Japanese sincerely love Mt. Fuji. You will sympathize with this feelings by experiencing that phenomenon.

Lake Ymanakako

Lake Yamanakako

About two hours from Tokyo, you will arrive at Lake Yamanakako. Yamanakako is a resort with conserved nature, and a plateau area which altitude is 1000m.

The Lake is the largest of the Fuji Five Lakes, and it is nearest from Mt. Fuji. Not only scenery in Mt. Fuji but also it is a place where traditional culture of Japan is felt.

For example, there are some Shinto Shrines, with the worship to the volcano as a god. And it is near from Oshino-Hakkai known by the brand-name spring water. And there are many trekking courses and a cycling road, too.

Walk 250m from ISOLANA, and you can reach the lake side. Please enjoy your Yamanakako staying, we will assist.

Garden of ISOLANA

Bloomy Garden

There is a wide garden in ISOLANA, various flowers bloom every season. It is invited to the smell of the flower, a lot of butterflies come, it flutters and flies gracefully.

In winter,a lot of wild birds visit the garden, and eyes of everybody would be amused. There is a bench decorated with the mosaic tile in the center of the garden. This bench is a viewing point for Mt. Fuji.

Meals of ISOLANA

the Meals

The dinner serves the homemade cuisine of the Mediterranean style in the half course. We had been researchers of the R & D section, in a big dairy product company. With making the best use of that experience, and by giving my whole heart, I make a handmade cuisine.

Breakfast serves an American breakfast. When you could like our cuisine, we wish to express our appreciation.

The small hotel ISOLANA in Yamanakako JAPAN will help the world traveler to enjoy Mt.Fuji. We wish your booking and visiting ISOLANA.